Hey life, I’m ready!

My name is Andrea. I am a 22 year old cocktail server/bartender. I average between 30 and 40 hours a week working until 1am almost every shift. I start my next semester of college in a couple weeks and still plan on working full time. In my spare time, whatever I may have, I am going to be keeping up with a blog. This blog has no specific meaning. As of right now, it is just a way for me to start my journey.

I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. I love my home. But my dream, unfortunately, isn’t here. Ever since I was younger, I always wanted to be a journalist. But it was frowned upon because it wasn’t a “money maker”. So I started with being a Nurse. That didn’t work out too well so I switched to pursuing a degree in Business. Recently, I changed my major to General Studies just so I could get school over with. I also decided to make my own decisions in life and start a path towards a minor in Journalism. I’ve never been so happy with a college decision. I start my first class with it in the fall and couldn’t be more excited.

I won’t bore you with the details. Just know that my ultimate dream in life is to become a journalist. I don’t have a specific type in mind, I just love to write. Louisville isn’t the place to pursue this dream. So for now, I will try to commit to a blog. I have tried multiple times before but I was always working so much and never kept up with the multiple ones that I have had. This one will be different. This one will have stories, opinions, quotes, news, etc. It will be filled with everything but organization. Finding my niche in writing is all I care about… maybe I will find it here.

Rock & a Hard Place

While in college, I made the decision to pursue a small job in the Food and Beverage industry. Hostess, server, bartender. The typical job, right? But what happens when you find a position and a group of coworkers that you absolutely love? Stick with it, maybe. But what happens when you are given two new managers that treat you like garbage? Sexists, rude, childish, unprofessional. It is amazing that my current place of employment would hire them both together after they both were fired from their previous manager positions. One for laziness, the other for not being able to get along with his female employees. What are the odds? Sadly, I am a female working for these pricks.

How am I supposed to fight and stand up for myself? How am I supposed to argue with a man that is “never wrong”? The one who got fired for not getting along with females is obviously the sexist one. The other one, the lazy one, just follows him around like a puppy; he must aspire to be like him. When the entire staff dislikes them both, what are we to do when we fear for our jobs? HR has been known to take sides, the wrong ones. How can we trust going to them or anyone higher up? Screwed? Maybe.

Today, I took a risk and decided to clarify some allegations made against me personally from my managers. After they came on board, they were trying to change everything at once. Some things, they thought they mentioned to everyone, (I guess), but didn’t. One thing being my ability to do homework while we aren’t busy. My previous managers and Food and Beverage Director were very aware of how I did things, and trusted that I wouldn’t be doing any personal work while I was busy. The other night, I was at work for 6 hours; no tables, no customers, no money. So what do I do? I start my notes. My two current managers knew because I started my semester last Monday and bring my stuff with me everyday just in case we are dead. The other “new” manager, who was taking over while they were both off, didn’t know about my “clearance”. I told her that I was allowed by the two managers and then it was left alone. The next day, my day off, I woke up with the stomach bug:/ And a missed call from my (sexist) manager. I call him back and get hollered at because I was doing my homework the previous night. I was never able to explain myself or even understand his intentions. I was constantly getting cut off and “over powered”. He told me that I will be getting a write-up (today) and then hung up.

What the hell just happened??? I was at a loss for words. I had never had a write up. What was going to happen to me and my employment? Anything…nothing? All of my coworkers told me not to worry, but I still did. Before going into work today, I had came up with some concerns I wanted to address before signing anything: 1) Was this matter important enough to call me on my day off? 2) You all never mentioned to me that I was no longer allowed to do my homework, knowing that I was doing it my last semester when you were managing here. 3) Is this severity of this really worth a straight write-up, rather than a verbal warning? Once I walked into that office, both were in there and I didn’t even finish #1. I got “attacked”, called a liar, and pretty much an idiot. I got accused of only doing my homework that night because there was a different manager. I never got to even argue back. I was told to clock out and go home when I told them that I would write my own statement before signing anything.

Here’s the kicker, ready? My (sexist) manager, before the conversation even started, claimed that he told me on “December 7th, 2017” that I was not allowed to do my homework. I remember this “day”, he told me I wasn’t allowed to sit down, even when we weren’t busy. I tried to argue that, then he claimed he said a different, more condescending phrase. After getting told to go home, I was pretty upset. While talking with my mom, I realized something. He went through some trouble to try and come up with the exact day and stating “you had your iPad and your notebook”. BUT!!! Guess what? My finals were both turned in on the 27th of November and the 6th of December. As of the 6th, my semester was over, therefore I wouldn’t have even had my stuff with me one the 7th. Credibility, now questionable. I can’t wait to take this information to someone in the upper management position.

Maybe justice will finally get served and I won’t lose my job!(:

Ju$t the Tip…

Catchy title? Maybe. But it got your attention more than likely. But this post isn’t about what it might seem. Let’s talk about my night.

If you haven’t read my “About”, then let me just inform you that I am currently a cocktail server for a hotel. So as a server, yes, I live off of tips. I do make $2.13 an hour but that pretty much goes to taxes so I don’t see it. But with how my job works, cash tips- I take home at the end of the night; credit card tips- those get put towards a direct deposit I receive every 2 weeks. In the beginning, I hated this idea, but now, it turns out that it is a lot easier to save. Anyway!

The hotel I work for is having a couple conventions this week. Two of them have to do with teachers and school administrators. I have had a group like this before and the tips were not that great. So I came to work with the attitude that I would make some money, but not as much as I would like. The very first table of my shift… a gentleman that orders three different drinks through three different transactions… not even a dollar. So this was not an ideal way to start off my shift. But I always try to look at the bright side of things. “Started at the bottom, now there’s nowhere but up from here”. && no, Drake is not going to be apart of this blog. To continue…

As my night went on, I started actually getting tips, but majority of them were fifty cents -__-. I kept telling myself that “change adds up” to try to keep myself from getting mad and frustrated. It seemed that no matter how hard I worked or how great the service was, the tips never showed it. I feel that if I were to go to a restaurant and barely tip the server, I would just be embarrassed. If you can’t afford to tip, then you shouldn’t be eating out. Now I know that there are some people in this world that refuse to tip because serving isn’t a “real” job. That’s fine. Just know that if I happen to find that out and then serve you again, you will not get great service. But to each their own on opinions. The people that say serving isn’t a “real” job have obviously never served.

To end my shift, I was hoping that it would maybe be decent. A couple 15% tips was all I asked for; I got the opposite. A group of ladies sat down so I went to greet them and took about 6 drink orders. I rang those up and walked them to the table after they all were made. The total bill was $49.61. Knowing that these women were teachers, and seeing as how awful the night was with other teachers from the convention, I was hoping for $5. I’ll take 10%, better than fifty cents. About 15 minutes after they got their drinks, one of them walks up and says she wants to pay for all of them. I tell her the total and she proceeds to hand me a $50 bill and says, “Keep the change.” Uhmmmmm excuse me?! I make this weird face and ask the lady if she was sure she didn’t want her 39 cents. In a high pitch, positive voice, she answers “I’m sure!(:” (insert angry emoji here)! You can bet your bottom dollar that I took that 39 cents straight to the table and said “Here is your change ma’am!(:” The other women looked at me in confusion, but I set the change down and walked away. After about 10 more minutes, they left, leaving the 39 cents on the table along with their empty glasses. You’re welcome for my kind, positive attitude and great hospitality.

Some servers actually like what they do. I have been doing it for 5 years and absolutely love it. The good days make up for the bad ones most of the time. I always find a bright side on dull days. But please, know that your server is working very hard at what she/he does to make sure you have a great dining experience. That may not apply to every server, but most. We could try to find “big girl” jobs, but for me, I don’t want to spend my days in a cubicle or office. I like movement and interaction with new and interesting people! I’m more of a social butterfly, not a statue that is supposed to stay in one place.

So there is my night! Hopefully it was a somewhat entertaining read. Remember, I’m new to this serious blogging, but I’m doing way better than I have in the past. (:

F#$& rules.

In today’s world, we are supposed to grow up, graduate college, get an office job working 9-5, and come home to our house that we are paying crazy money on. These are the rules, right? If you have dreams of anything different, you’re judged, looked down upon, different. That job will never get you the proper income to afford a family, a house, a life. Life is just going through the motions. Those motions are the same everyday; a routine. But what if… what if you decide to break those rules?

Our generation has been frowned upon, blamed, and ridiculed for the decisions we have made. Maybe enough of us didn’t graduate college. Maybe enough of us aren’t working for corporations in cubicles. I used to be that girl. Graduated high school with plans of becoming a nurse, as most girls my age did. That didn’t work. So Plan B was to become a Business Major and work at Humana in a cubicle. After a year and a half, reality set in. Did I really want to waste my life sitting at a desk in front of a computer? Now this is ironic since I want to be a journalist. But doing something you love vs. doing something you feel like society wants you to do… huge difference.

Not everyone wants to own a Ferrari. Not everyone wants to live in a 3 story, 5 bedroom mansion. Me? I want to have my 2010 Ford Focus forever. It gets me where I need to go. I want to travel and not just stay in one place. I want to move out of my home town to a big city. I want to write. I want to make enough income in life to actually live and be happy. Not living my life day to day doing the same thing Monday through Friday. I want to buy a little house and make the inside the way I want to. I don’t need shiny things. Nice cars. Fancy clothes. I’m that percentage of my generation and society that doesn’t want to have to work 3 jobs because I need to pay off an extremely high mortgage. I’m simple.

I’m done following the rules. I’m done living by the standards of the world. I’m going to do what I love no matter how much I make. F#$& rules; be different!