F#$& rules.

In today’s world, we are supposed to grow up, graduate college, get an office job working 9-5, and come home to our house that we are paying crazy money on. These are the rules, right? If you have dreams of anything different, you’re judged, looked down upon, different. That job will never get you the proper income to afford a family, a house, a life. Life is just going through the motions. Those motions are the same everyday; a routine. But what if… what if you decide to break those rules?

Our generation has been frowned upon, blamed, and ridiculed for the decisions we have made. Maybe enough of us didn’t graduate college. Maybe enough of us aren’t working for corporations in cubicles. I used to be that girl. Graduated high school with plans of becoming a nurse, as most girls my age did. That didn’t work. So Plan B was to become a Business Major and work at Humana in a cubicle. After a year and a half, reality set in. Did I really want to waste my life sitting at a desk in front of a computer? Now this is ironic since I want to be a journalist. But doing something you love vs. doing something you feel like society wants you to do… huge difference.

Not everyone wants to own a Ferrari. Not everyone wants to live in a 3 story, 5 bedroom mansion. Me? I want to have my 2010 Ford Focus forever. It gets me where I need to go. I want to travel and not just stay in one place. I want to move out of my home town to a big city. I want to write. I want to make enough income in life to actually live and be happy. Not living my life day to day doing the same thing Monday through Friday. I want to buy a little house and make the inside the way I want to. I don’t need shiny things. Nice cars. Fancy clothes. I’m that percentage of my generation and society that doesn’t want to have to work 3 jobs because I need to pay off an extremely high mortgage. I’m simple.

I’m done following the rules. I’m done living by the standards of the world. I’m going to do what I love no matter how much I make. F#$& rules; be different!

Author: aspiringtobe

23 year old working full time. Still in school. & aspiring to leave my roots to become a journalist. Here is where my journey starts.

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