Hey life, I’m ready!

My name is Andrea. I am a 22 year old cocktail server/bartender. I average between 30 and 40 hours a week working until 1am almost every shift. I start my next semester of college in a couple weeks and still plan on working full time. In my spare time, whatever I may have, I am going to be keeping up with a blog. This blog has no specific meaning. As of right now, it is just a way for me to start my journey.

I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. I love my home. But my dream, unfortunately, isn’t here. Ever since I was younger, I always wanted to be a journalist. But it was frowned upon because it wasn’t a “money maker”. So I started with being a Nurse. That didn’t work out too well so I switched to pursuing a degree in Business. Recently, I changed my major to General Studies just so I could get school over with. I also decided to make my own decisions in life and start a path towards a minor in Journalism. I’ve never been so happy with a college decision. I start my first class with it in the fall and couldn’t be more excited.

I won’t bore you with the details. Just know that my ultimate dream in life is to become a journalist. I don’t have a specific type in mind, I just love to write. Louisville isn’t the place to pursue this dream. So for now, I will try to commit to a blog. I have tried multiple times before but I was always working so much and never kept up with the multiple ones that I have had. This one will be different. This one will have stories, opinions, quotes, news, etc. It will be filled with everything but organization. Finding my niche in writing is all I care about… maybe I will find it here.